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behind XAOC.

XAOC is a Bulgarian brand for alternative streetwear clothing and accessories. All stages of the creation of our designer clothes are carried out by a team of professionals in small studios in Sofia.

behind XAOC.

premium quality products.

Our collections are produced in limited quantities and often even made-to-order, which not only allows us to make sure that the product you will receive meets high quality standards, but also contributes to its uniqueness and sustainability.

premium quality products.


We believe that better quality means a longer life of the garment - we pay great attention to details and carefully select the fabrics we work with - certified high quality and organic cotton, and in some cases, we use recycled materials.

  • Fast delivery.

    1-3 working days to all parts of Bulgaria. Test before you pay.

  • Easy return.

    Refund up to 14 days.

  • Secure payment.

    Pay online with a card or upon delivery.

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